Dr. Hesham Araffat, the Minister of Transport advised with the following information on November 2018:


  • Egypt ranked 75th in the world roads quality after it was ranked 118 in 2014, in addition to the rise to 40th place after it was in the 60th place for the port infrastructure. He pointed out that Egypt has 27 stations in the quality of the railway to climb to 51th place after it was at 78th.
  • The Ministry of Transport is currently carrying out a comprehensive plan to renew, develop and modernize elements of the transport system from roads and bridges (railways, underground, sea ports, river transport, land border ports) to enable them to keep abreast of developments. And to work on the operation and management of these facilities with the highest degree of technical competence and linking them to regional networks to increase the volume of trade and transport with neighboring countries.
  • Hisham Arafat pointed to the most important national projects targeted by the transport sector in Egypt at present. The Minister of Transport stated that in the field of roads and bridges the completion of the implementation of the national road project with a total length of 8000 km new added to the current network at a cost of 85 billion pounds (with the cooperation of Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces & the Ministry of Housing).
  • The development of 2,500 km of the old road network at a cost of 16 billion pounds and the establishment of 10 new axes on the Nile to link the road network east and west of the Nile and the number of 20 bridges on the network at a total cost of 25 billion pounds.
  • In the field of railways, the Minister of Transport pointed out that the fleet of mobile units will be replaced with the supply of 200 modern tractors, 1300 new passenger cars and 6 integrated trains at a total cost of 48 billion pounds.
  • In addition to developing mechanisms to increase the contribution of railways in the transport of goods to reach 25 million tons in 2025 and the implementation of projects to develop the system of signals on railway lines with a total length of 1100 km at a cost of 12.6 billion pounds to achieve the highest rates of safety on the rail network.
  • As well as the comprehensive development of 1100 crossings and the development of 156 stations on network lines at a total cost of 2.5 billion pounds and the comprehensive renewal of the distance of 1000 km of network lines at a cost of 5 billion pounds and the establishment of the express train (Sokhna – Capital City – 6 October City – Alexandria & Alamien) with a length of 486 km and the construction of a railway for the transport of goods (AlRobieky – 10th Ramadan City – Belbies) with length of 69 km.
  • The area of ​​the subway and the mass transportation of railways, Hisham Arafat confirmed the completion of the construction of the metro network (6 lines), noting that progress is being made in the construction of the third and fourth stages of the third line and is being prepared to start the implementation of the first phase of the fourth line and negotiate with institutions International finance and some countries to finance the construction of the fifth line and the sixth line of the metro, in addition to the construction of the electric train line (Al Salam – 10th Ramadan City – Capital City) with length of 69 km and the cost of $ 1200 million & the development and rehabilitation of the tram in Alexandria, 13.7 km long and cost 363 million euros and the construction of the railway line to link the old and new cities of Mansoura and 79 kilometers.
  • As well as the establishment of Monoril lines to serve the city of 6 October and the new capital City with a total length of 87 km. also the Minister pointed out that the targeted total length of the subway network and electrical lines in 2025 is 295 km, which is currently only 77.6 km.
  • The Minister of Transport pointed out that an integrated plan is being prepared to develop the Egyptian seaports to keep up with the development of the international seaports and increase their competitive and absorptive capacity, as well as the implementation of major investment projects in seaports in one of the recognized investment systems “EPC + F – PPP – BOT” of the direct positive impact on the national economy and the most important multi-purpose stations in Alexandria, Damietta and Safaga.
  • In addition to the implementation of several projects to develop the main infrastructure in the sea ports, including the establishment of a new pier at the port of Alexandria at a cost of 441 million pounds for the trade of timber and the establishment of links linking the ports of Alexandria and Dekheila coastal international road cost of one billion pounds and the establishment of a dock for the shipment of petroleum products in Damietta port of 300 meters and the cost of 700 million Pounds.
  • In the field of dry ports and logistics, Dr. Hisham Arafat said that a plan for the establishment of a group of dry ports and logistics centers is being implemented by the private sector in several locations in the Republic, the most important of which are the 6th of October – 10th of Ramadan – Burj Al Arab – Damietta. Logistics and the new circular road network in the Republic have established a group of centers at the intersection of the regional ring road with the main axes on the network.
  • In terms of river transport, the Minister pointed out that the Ministry of Transport is working to increase the share of the transport of goods through the Nile River gradually to 5% of the volume of movables in 2022 and also plans to put investors and the private sector to establish a number of 5 modern river ports “with a total capacity of 40 million tons / Year.
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